Soli at School

It was Soli who was sent off to school to learn the fine arts of Magic and Oh how Soli rebelled, she cut her long locks off though she knew they would fast grow back, and also changed it colors almost daily for a while, much to her fellow students delight. Yet it was while she was away she learned to fully control the air and call things to her, as well as write spells and call down the moon. She also much to her dismay learned when she is startled or exceedingly frightened she morphs into a frightened little sable cat, and that it is potions that gives her troubles, mostly bringing about explosions and mayhem and much back firing also to everyone's  delighted fright.

 Soli so rebelled all the more and soon in a fury she left school heading out into the world on her own, traveling from land to land seeking what?

Well, only she would ever know once she finds it that is, or she the one found?

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