The facets and layers of Soli


Soli is indeed a complex young woman; her pure innocence is misleading to many alluding to a weakness she truly does not have. To truly learn Soli and how she thinks and works alls one must do it pay attention when she speaks, and watch the animation in her face.

In truth she is open book once she is gotten to talk and open up, her face a map to her emotions, her eyes windows to her very soul. Oddly enough many misjudge her, and learn very much the hard way Soli does indeed have a wee bit of a temper, especially when taken very much the wrong way. 

Soli loves to sit and talk for hours, she is a very curious sort, hungry for knowledge and stories from lands and worlds afar, and usually being a timid sort, her job of Inn Keeper gives her the reason she seems to think she needs to ask the things she yearns to know allowing her a bravefront she in convinced she does not truly really have.


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