Brews Rules for Members...

1. Let None of the Brew speak falsely to any other of the Home

2. Let None of the Brew act unjustly toward any other of the Home

3. Let None of the Brew take from any Other of the Brew anything that is not willingly given. -For those of limited intelligence it is plain and simple; Do not lie, cheat, or steal-

4. The Brew's law concerning our Enemies;

We will retaliate...... for betrayal, for murder, for trespass.....When those of the Brew are wronged, We shall always retaliate!




Rules of role play


As you can see on our site here, we have pictures, and detailed descriptions; This means you are to role-play your entrance in, or you simply will not be recognized as being here. You cant just walk up and ta-da here you are, role play walking through forest or riding some beast... If you simply appear and say Hi ya’all you would scare the bajeebers out of a person, so make it realistic people or why bother ?!? We work hard to have fun here.

Seriously folks, why come to role-play if you are not going to bother actually doing so? Short on time, why bother coming in? We give it our all and expect the same from everyone else who chooses to chat within our Tavern & Inn. And this means ONE char per typist for the room. And since this is to be a role play room, there is NO OOC talk in the room, save it for IM folks, please don’t make us have to tell you twice. Also note we open scene here, dont like it dont come in
This room has no zones except one,  Have fun and NO force posting for another's character. If you are gonna fight, the parties dueling or fighting WILL agree upon fight style or there is NO fight.. period.


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